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  • Newbie Book Tag

    26th Jul 2019 by

    Since I have writers block as to what my first post should be, I thought a good old newbie tag would be a good start. I found this tag on Read with Kim’s blog and tagged myself. Why did you start this blog? A few months ago I started a booktube account, however, I’ve been… Read more

  • Black Light Theatre – Prague

    10th Sep 2019 by

    Hey guys, so I’m sitting on a train heading to Berlin and I can’t stop thinking about last night in Prague where I went to a Black Light Theatre. I can’t even explain it but it was so funny and so mesmerising, even when you know how it was done it was still so brilliant!… Read more

  • N.E.W.Ts Wrap-up

    10th Sep 2019 by

    Okay, so here’s my wrap-up for my N.E.W.Ts which, sadly, didn’t go as planned. Turns out reading while travelling is alot harder than I expected and I had way less time. But stilll I finished ssome books, mostly before I left, and achieved some exams, WHOO! Exams needed for my career: A – Charms 🗝… Read more

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