Theatre Review

Black Light Theatre – Prague

Hey guys, so I’m sitting on a train heading to Berlin and I can’t stop thinking about last night in Prague where I went to a Black Light Theatre. I can’t even explain it but it was so funny and so mesmerising, even when you know how it was done it was still so brilliant! So when I was looking at which show to go to, there were 4 or 5 black light theatres performing but there was one that stood out for me. The SRNEC Theatre was the 1st black light theatre in the world, so where better to experience it.

Before I went I did a little research into the genre so I knew what to expect. The fact that the show consisted of dances and mimes had me abit nervous since previously I haven’t enjoyed dance shows as much as others. But this was combined with such good humour that I couldn’t stop laughing throughout!

The actors are at the front of the stage, in the light, and the rest of the stage is black. All the objects and props have UV paint on so that when in the black of the stage the colour changes. The actors who aren’t on stage during the sketch are dressed in an all black outfit so that you can’t see them in the black while they move the objects and scenery. I’m really not doing this genre justice in explaining it but it really was unbelievable.

If you guys are ever in Prague I would definitely recommend checking out a show.

Hannah x

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