Book Review

#Reviewathon Week 2: What are you Currently Reading?

For my #Reviewathon book this week I chose to read The Girl who Became a Goddess by Theresa Fuller. This is a collection of short stories based on myths and legends for Fullers childhood:

‘The Girl Who Became a Goddess is a tribute to the childhood stories of Theresa Fuller who has experienced multiple cultures and learned to love them all. These are tales passed on from generation to generation, some to delight, some to terrify, all to enlighten.’

First of all the cover is stunning. Its so eye-catching, mysical and traditional which is what the book is all about.

My favourite of the stories is actually the first one in the collection, The Mousedeer who Danced on the back of Crocodiles. While it is short, there was a huge impact when reading this, and them after Fuller’s adaptation to read a original I couldn’t stop laughing.

I wasn’t too sure about the writing style throughout, it switched from third to second person narrative within the same story which was quite confusing. Also the ending of a few of the stories ended too abruptly for my liking, I would have preferred them rounded off nicely.

All in all I enjoyed this quick read, and highly recommend for anyone after a myth or legend based story.

Hannah x

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