So for the first day if was abit hit and miss, first with the ques outside and then with the proofs and different give aways, there was abit of a lack of communication on Twitter about certain things. However, this could have just been because of the signal in Olympia. Otherwise it was just a great day to get to know where things are and what’s going on throughout the weekend.

The main things I did on Friday were the two YA shot workshops about, you guessed it, blogging! There were lots of different speakers there, and listening to them is what inspired me to start this blog. It was such a great talk and interesting to listen to. Fingers crossed I picked up enough advice to make this blog a success!


Mystical YA Panel

There are two main things I want to talk about from Saturday, the Mystical YA panel and Jim Kay’s talk. Both were so different any yet so funny. During the panel, not only did Jason Momoa walk through witch had all of the audience and the authors fangirling (because that’s the type of thing that happens at YALC), but the authors were inspirational and gave such an insight into their work and how to go about writing your own. My favourite piece of advice I’ve taken away was from V.E Schwab who said “the only thing you can’t fix is a blank page.” What lovely ladies!

In Jim Kay’s talk was hilarious! He is such a funny guys, I’m not even joking I think I spent half the time laughing. Jim spoke lots about his process and the ideas behind his illustrations. It was a fascinating talk and I definitely want to try and see him again if he does any other events.


Sadly I didn’t attend Sunday at YALC since I had a really bad migraine, and I had really wanted to see Sasha Alsberg again after meeting her last year. She was so lovely to me. I hadn’t brought a book to get signed since I purchased the Zenith proof from the Grenfell Tower auction, but I asked Sasha to sign my YALC program and she did. When I mentioned buying the proof in the auction she was great and we had a really nice chat, before getting a picture. It was definitely my highlight from last year and the nerves I felt before speaking to her just went away. My advice to anyone is to speak to authors about whatever you want, ask questions, speak your mind! Their people too!

YALC has been the highlight of my year for the last 5 years and I still can wait for more. I would definitely recommend to any bookworm, whether you go alone or with friends. Just have fun!

Hannah x

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